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Do your therapeutics require

steady, controlled release over

an extended period of time?

Infectious disease


Anticancer therapies

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Our Technology

We may have a solution for you

using our modular platform

OZ-Link Technologies have developed a family of self-cleaving chemical linkers that allow for exquisite control of therapeutic detachment from any carrier at pre-programmed rates ranging from minutes to weeks.

Time-controlled release

From minutes to weeks using
small, non-toxic, stable linkages.
Improve pharmacokinetics, decrease dosing, and minimize off-target effects.

from Small molecules to biologics and vaccines

Versatile solution compatible with a wide range of therapeutics and delivery modes.
Includes antibodies, implantable materials, and other targeting agents.

ANY stage you are at

Partner with us at any stage, whether you are in early therapeutic discovery, want to reformulate your agent or desire to work on patent extension.


Potential applications include,
but are not limited to, the following

Tunable therapeutic delivery to target tissues

Therapeutic release in circulation

Biomaterial-based systems (e.g. hydrogels)

our team

Dr Kasie Collins, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Steve Seo, PhD MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Dr Jasmine Hwang, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Wenting Shi

Lead Scientist

Prof M.G. Finn, PhD

Scientific Advisor

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